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Why God?

You were created by a God that loves you. He made the world good, and everything in it. He made you for a relationship with him but along came the enemy and we all got deceived. We all fell into the trap set by the enemy and we became eternally separated from God with no way back to him.


So let's talk about you.....

God sent his son Jesus to die in your place, exchanging his life for yours, so you could be in a relationship with God again. Jesus defeated sin and death, he rose from the dead and returned to heaven.

Sin cut you off from God. 

Everyone has sinned. 

The only way back is through Jesus.


Jesus walked this earth fully God and fully man and was without sin. He was called the spotless Lamb of God (that means he was a spotless sacrifice), no mark was on him, meaning that when Jesus died on the cross he sacrificed his own life, and took the punishment of sin that you deserve which is death.

When Jesus died, he took back the authority that man had given to the enemy and he defeated death. He rose again. And he did this because he loves you.

Jesus will return again one day and when he does the end will come, meaning we need to choose God now — choosing God is choosing eternal life with him!

His life, his death and his resurrection changed history forever. It’s now up to you to make a choice.


Do you want to choose to follow Jesus?

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